Our systems integration in any web project

Our API provides an option to synchronize any CRM with us, or connect it with any web application, e-commerce platform or CMS system, thus enabling systems integration in any project looking for professional email marketing solutions.

If you use CMS with integrated CRM, the major concern is around CRM synchronization with other systems and segmentation of database. We ensure that integration with email marketing API will save time when importing and segmenting contacts, managing campaigns and analyzing statistics.

What type of projects should our API be used for?

API should be used in any project with an online registration process where client data is collected. Mostly these are interactive websites with registration options, or online stores where our integration can provide additional options.

Our API provides almost full functionality of our systems web version.

Projects where we recommend using API:

  • online stores: e.g. adding a subscription option during the purchase process
  • event registration forms
  • registration forms on social websites
  • compatibility with other CRM systems
  • compatibility with API of other platforms – process automation – importing contacts, creating, sending campaigns etc.

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