Data is obtained about countries in which emails were opened.List (array) of countries and number of opened emails in each country is returned.

campaignGeoOpensByCountry(string $cid, string $code) : array
Input parameters
  • cid - campaign ID
  • code - country code
Information obtained

Array of countries. Each country is represented as an array consisting of:

  • code - country code in ISO3166 format (2 symbols)
  • name - name of country
  • opens - number of opened emails


This Example shows how to campaignGeoOpensByCountry using the MGAPI.php class and do some basic error checking.
require_once 'inc/MGAPI.class.php';
require_once 'inc/'; //contains apikey

$api = new MGAPI($apikey);

$cid = $campaignId;
$code = 'LV';

$retval = $api->campaignGeoOpensByCountry($cid, $code);

header("Content-Type: text/plain");
if ($api->errorCode){
	echo "Unable to load campaignGeoOpensByCountry()!";
	echo "\tCode=".$api->errorCode."\n";
	echo "\tMsg=".$api->errorMessage."\n";
} else {
	if (empty($retval)) {
		echo "No stats for this country present\n";
	} else {
		echo "Country code: " . $retval["code"] . "\n";
		echo "Country name: " . $retval["name"] . "\n";
		echo "Opens: " . $retval["opens"] . "\n";

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