Update segment parameter, such as name, match type or filter.

listSegmentUpdate(integer $sid, string $name, string $value) : boolean
Input parameters
  • id - segment ID
  • name - name of the segment parameter to be updated (title, match, filter)
  • value - new value of a given parameter. See listSegmentCreate for a value type of a parameter

Information obtained
  • true, if uppdate was successful. Otherwise, an error message is returned.


listSegmentUpdate($sid, $name, $value);
header("Content-Type: text/plain");
if ($api->errorCode){
    echo "Unable to load listSegmentUpdate()!\n";
    echo "\tCode=".$api->errorCode."\n";
    echo "\tMsg=".$api->errorMessage."\n";
} else {
    echo "SUCCESS! \n";

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