Messages are received from SMS recipient phone carrier in cases SMS was not delivered. Phone list with additional parameters is returned.

smsCampaignBounces(string $cid, integer $start, integer $limit) : array
Input parameters
  • cid - SMS campaign ID
  • start - page number starting from which selection will be made (optional). Default value is 0.
  • limit - number of results returned in one page (optional). Default value is 25. Maximum allowable value is 50.
Information obtained

Array of bounce messages. Each message is represented as an array that includes:

  • phone - recipient phone number
  • reason - reason why SMS was not delivered


smsCampaignBounces($cid, $start, $limit);
header("Content-Type: text/plain");
if ($api->errorCode){
    echo "Unable to load smsCampaignBounces()!";
    echo "\tCode=".$api->errorCode."\n";
    echo "\tMsg=".$api->errorMessage."\n";
} else {
    echo "SMS not delivered: ". sizeof($retval). "\n";
    foreach($retval as $msg){
        echo $msg['phone']."\n";
        echo $msg['reason']."\n\n";

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