How to choose your API wrapper

Our API provides almost all functionality of our systems web version. The API is simple to use. You just have to decide what action you want to perform, specify the input and execute the selected action. You don't have to worry about connecting to the system or transferring data because it is already integrated into our API. In the end, you will get a certain data output, which you can then process however you like.

Under the "Downloads (API wrappers etc.)" section, select the API wrapper appropriate for your development environment. For example, to work with PHP, use the wrapper archive. It contains a library with the necessary functions, as well as descriptive examples for each function. Examples will help you visually comprehend how a function is called, what parameters are passed, and what type of information is received after the function is completed. Function descriptions, parameter explanations and examples are also found in the documentation section of this site, titled "API Functions".

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